Insights: research as the impulse for innovation

  • Research from A to Z: from fast concept testing to extensive target group studies. Research designs and recommendations prove our strategic empathy and creativity.
  • We start with a sincere interest of people: we do in-depth interviews on location or participating studies within the natural habitat of consumers. Qualitative insights are often prevailing the numbers from quantitative research. Consumer casting agencies guarantee premium input.
  • The inspirational power of our studies is captured by film reports and consumer documentaries. These short films present highlights from research in an engaging way. It empowers you to involve stakeholders within and outside the organisation.

Impact: one concrete step forward with strategy and innovation

  • At this stage we translate recommendations into a tangible solution. By elaborating a new brand positioning or new propositions, for example.
  • Is what we create truly relevant for people and society or are we simply pushing for the sake of being new and innovative instead? Renewal must be meaningful and contribute to people’s lives in order to succeed. That’s why we stress the importance of customer insights for these projects.
  • Change and renewal are only lasting when they come from inside. Therefore we involve the culture and mentality of organizations and engage people behind brands as much as possible. We do this in an engaging, creative, and enthusiastic way.

Engagement: a new impulse for consumer drivenness

  • Consumers, both B-C and B-B, are getting more sensitive to whether a brand is truly involved with them and whether the brand itself has integrity. As a result, people are getting more appreciative to brands that make true contact with them.
  • Engagement is the keyword in our work to make organisations (even) more familiar with their customers and empower client intimacy. It’s about making the shift: from “inside-out, to outside in.” These projects may imply a strong mental change throughout different departments.
  • We inspire and support. Several tools and methods help to embed consumer driveness and make it into a state of mind.